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Sunday, May 11, 2003

Trip to Great Island

In other news, a friend of ours was here for the weekend, and we all took a hike out to Great Island. I am very glad we went, but we walked way too much, and I'm now not sure I ever want to go to Great Island again.

I wouldn't call the spousal unit and myself couch potatoes exactly, but our speed is more a leisurely little hike of a mile or two. A nice walk where you've gotten out and stretched your legs and seen some scenery. Six or so miles is really pushing it for us, and a significant portion of the hike is on soft sand.

Add to that, the spousal unit and I are stereotypical only children. Our friend clearly isn't. :) The spousal unit and I don't tend to talk unless we have something specific to say, and we tend to leave a lot of "space" in any conversation. Both of us find it very tiring to be "on" with guests, whereas "on" seems to be our friend's natural state. (Quite fascinating to watch really. How on earth do people do this without coffee?)

Still, all and all, it was a good time.