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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Why isn't going to the gynecologist more fun?

Let me ramble a bit, I'll get to where I'm going eventually.

Right now I'm listening to a new guilty pleasure, my Craig David CD. This music is a couple steps up from boy band, but oh-so-pleasant to have in the background. This would be the perfect music to listen to while getting your hair cut, and I don't mean that in a bad way.

Which leads me to wonder, why is a pleasant environment considered important for the lighter things in life (hair cutting, shopping), but not when you go to the doctor? One of the things that keeps me going back to places like the Gap is the fact that I feel like a human being while I shop. I listen to fun music in a pleasant shop with helpful salespeople. Don't get me wrong, I like the clothes too, but I like Marshall's selection, and you'll only catch me going there once in a blue moon. The emergency shelter atmosphere is only fun if you have plenty of Cold War era cocktails to brighten things up.

When I go to the gynecologist, it always seems to be a cold waiting room, filled with old magazines. Wouldn't it be better to browse through a sex toy catalog while waiting and listen to fun music when your feet are in the stirrups? What if (when reminding you about your appointment), you were asked, which three songs you'd like to listen to during your appointment. It'd make all this female care stuff so much more fun. The only nod in that direction seems to be the "look at your cervix" empowerment stuff, and a) it's not for everyone and b) it tends to make me feel sort of like the only acceptable image of female empowerment is stuck in the seventies.