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Thursday, May 08, 2003

Our Fine Citizenry

God, everyone in Mid-Cape must have taken stupid pills before breeding.

Smile! Candid camera caught criminal suspects, Cape Cod Times 5/8/03

"YARMOUTH - Four Mid-Cape teens charged with destroying town property play starring roles in their own home movie of crime in different Mid-Cape towns."

"The kids fled on foot but were caught by the pursuing officers Eric Nuss, George Tsoukalas, Stephen Renzi and Matthew Fleischmann. One kid punched an officer and ran off. Police K9 Officer Tom Hennessey arrived and helped catch him."

Oh yeah, that's right. When a cop catches you, the thing to do is punch the cop!

And, here's a gem from this morning,

Boy, 14, gave Viagra to classmates

HYANNIS - A 14-year-old boy will be summonsed to appear in Barnstable Juvenile Court on charges he handed out Viagra samples to classmates last month at the Hyannis Middle School.

This is my favorite comment,

"What in the world does a 14-year-old boy need Viagra for?" asked a bemused Melia. "This is not something we generally come across on the Cape. As far as I know, there's not a big demand for Viagra in the younger crowd."