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Thursday, May 01, 2003

Happy, happy day!

Yay, I have the day off tomorrow! No dysfunctional workplace!

Actually, today wasn't horrible, but it was very tiring. We went through our new database system and made notes about what we wanted changed. I typed it up, organized it, and sent it off to our database person.

I'd much rather do this than routine data entry or giving refunds, but I could sleep for a week.

Oh, and I also feel odd because I shopped at Old Navy for the first time and really enjoyed it. On one hand, I'm paying homage to the great corporate machine, representative of bland fashion and the suburban despoiling of America. On the other hand, I have nice inexpensive shirts and jeans that fit.

Plus, I loved my dressing room clerk and cashier. The clerk said to me as I brought in yet another pile of jeans to try on,

"You know, I don't like Old Navy jeans, they never fit me right. I always buy them at the GAP."


"Guess I shouldn't be saying that?"


The cashier was an attractive alterna-woman with very short hair and a lip piercing, and very pleasant to deal with. Wow. Not only was she cute and approximately my age, but her style wasn't frozen in the late eighties. So, not only did I get my sugared dose of pleasant corporate efficiency, but I felt like I'd temporarily left fusty, "nothing ever changes" Cape Cod and joined the twenty-first century.