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Life on beautiful Cape Cod.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Pre-quitting elation

Well, not much to report except that work is not going well. Things are situated so that I could potentially get more responsibility and training in the field I want to go into, and that may or may not happen, depending upon which way the wind is blowing. More like "may not".

I think if I had the genital "dangly bits" or was a blood relative of the owner it wouldn't be an issue, but guess what? I'm not a guy or a blood relative, and I'm always going to be seen as one of "the girls" who answers the phone. It doesn't matter that I have mad database skillz. They're not good enough to get me a really technical job and no one here understands them, so I might as well not have them.

This sucks.

I'm not going to look super-actively, but I'm going to put my resume up on Monster and keep it updated. I'm going to use my vacation time and sick time. Of course, the economy is about as hideous as it could possibly be, but strangely, I'm not worried. The spousal unit's work situation is precarious also, and worst comes to worse, we'll conclude our Cape Cod adventure and go to greener pastures. It's all good.

Meanwhile, I need to work on my presentation (since I'm horribly shy), get some clothes that would be appropriate for a more formal workplace, and practice interviewing. I want to be able to make small talk. I want to find an awesome, fun-with-responsibility job in a slightly larger and more professional company than the one I'm currently working at.