Dolphin With Rabies

Life on beautiful Cape Cod.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

Guess when the forecast says we're next getting a sunny day?

Today's Saturday, go on guess.

Given up? Thursday. Five days of rain and clouds to look forward to, what fun.

In other news. Our neighbors have still not sold their house, which is surprising. It's been on the market since winter, which didn't bode well for them, but after all, it was a terrible winter. Not many people wanting to trudge through the snow for an open house. But here we are, it's warmed up, the forsythia has already bloomed, the lilac is just blooming, and still no one had bought.

The spousal unit and myself watch the open houses with great interest. We've gotten way too into speculating over who's going to buy the house. We see someone come in for an open house who looks like someone we would welcome as neighbors (younger, alternative, middle-class), and we get all excited. Then, we see someone we wouldn't welcome (snooty, rednecky, sleazy) and our hopes fall.

Look, there's not that many people in our demographic living year-round on Cape Cod. Would it really be too much to ask that some of them move in next door?