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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Ceiling fan's up!

The ceiling fan is up and looking very handsome. The guy who installed it was a bit like Quint from Jaws, I kept waiting for him to break into a sea chantey. He loved our cat (!) and she tolerated his petting. I have no idea why, but our cat is very popular with workmen, in another house the gasman picked her up with great enthusiasm, while I waited for her to scratch his eyes out.

One minor quibble with the ceiling fan. It's mounted at the very top of our cathedral ceiling, there's no attic or anything so the ceiling is shaped like an inverted "v" where the two sides of the roof meet. The previous fan had a smaller cap that met the roof exactly, but this one has a larger cap and it's not quite flush with the ceiling. Now, being a cathedral ceiling, you can only see it if you stand at the top of the stairs but it does kind of bug me. I may stop by our fan place and see if there's something that can be done, some part that can be added or something.

In other news,

I got an "A" in my Accounting Class!

You have no idea how happy I am! I'm signed up for a class this summer and a class this fall so my break will be brief, but I intend to spend the next month enjoying NO STUDYING.I'll play with beads, drink cocktails, read and watch TV. Can't wait.

Last but not least,

Eclipse tomorrow!