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Life on beautiful Cape Cod.

Monday, May 19, 2003

Good Times

This weekend we went to a pretty little spot known as Pilgrim Spring in Truro. The pictures don't do the views justice. We had frozen our butts off this past winter hiking through there (more accurately, running through it at a trot to keep warm) and this day was such a contrast. The air was warm and welcoming, and scented with (I think) blueberry and wild cherry flowers.

We then went elsewhere and discovered a hiking spot frequented by birdwatchers and a truly stunning number of birds. It was like something out of an old Disney movie, where all the birds are tweetering and flying about and helping Cinderella prepare for the ball. We saw several Rufus Towhees, all sorts of warblers, and of course the usual cardinals, chickadees, and geese.

The highlights of the day were the sheer number of birds, the geese feeding with their goslings (too cute!) and most enchantingly, the chickadees.

Apparently it is a "thing" at this particular spot to offer seed to the chickadees. Not in a feeder, in your hand. We did not know about this until we observed a man feeding a chickadee in this way, the cheeky little thing perched on his hand and proceeded to peck at the seed. We had assumed that he had patiently waited for oh...hours and hours for the creature to get used to him.

However, some time later on the trail, when the air was very still and we were surrounded by birds, the spousal unit extended a hand, and startlingly, a chickadee almost immediately visited it. The bird realized the spousal unit had no food and flew away, but then I had a try. The chickadee hopped on my hand, I can still feel the wee birdie claws on my finger, and the way my chest consticted to see this enchanting little thing on me. All I can say is, WOW!

A perfect day was capped by getting lobster at this place. Oh yeah. The fattest tastiest lobster I've had in years. We got the traditional clambake and we're looking forward to going back over the summer to try more dishes.