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Life on beautiful Cape Cod.

Friday, May 16, 2003


I've been feeling uninspired recently. I keep this blog as a means of discipline, to encourage myself to write every day. It does seem to have an effect on my general writing, making me more inspired and coherent when (for example) I post to a message board, but I'm not sure I'm improving as a blogger. Hmmm.

I am going through a remarkably soul-sucking time though. If our database conversion goes well at work, it will be a miracle of Bibilical proportions.

Actually, I would enjoy the work tremendously under ordinary circumstances. I enjoy the process of going through the database, making notes, passing them on to our consultant, getting a new version of the database, (repeat as necessary). This is actually my idea of a good time. Except there's executive staff breathing down our necks about it.

Look, it's been worked on in an indifferent way for the past six months, why does it suddenly have to come together in the next two weeks?