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Sunday, May 25, 2003

Garden Update

I love poking around the yard and seeing what made it through the winter. Here's a partial tally,

Butterfly Bush that was planted last summer. Covered with green leaves.

Lily bulbs that were planted this past fall. Sending up green leaves.

Sage that was planted when we first moved in a couple of years ago. Threatening to take over the yard and covered with buds. I just wish we liked sage more, I love the plant but feel little urge to do anything with it.

Strawberries that were here when we moved here, and I've been nursing along. Loaded with green berries, looks like an excellent crop this year.

Lavender I planted a couple of years ago. Did poorly over the winter, and I thought it had died, but it's sending out a few green leaves.

Lupine moved last fall. Survived the move and I noticed the first bud spike today.

Perennial sweat pea moved last fall. Sigh. That did not survive, I'm sorry now that I moved the poor thing.

Lily-of-valley Leafing out all over, looks like it's expanded a lot this year. Not too many buds yet though.

Wild columbine. The old one is coming back and seems to either be expanding (or set seed) because there's a new tiny one right by it. Also, the one I planted last year survived the winter.