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Sunday, March 30, 2003

Market Analysis of the Pyramid Collection Catalog

Everyone needs a hobby, and one of mine is browsing through catalogs and analyzing market trends. I especially enjoy doing this with Pagan catalogs, because they are ridiculously subject to the latest fad.

Now, for anyone not familiar with it, the Pyramid Collection is THE Newage/Pagan glossy catalog of my region. It's one of those catalogs serious-minded Pagans love to hate, very light on the books, very heavy on gaudy trinkets.

The front cover of the Summer 2003 print catalog showcases two fairy ornaments, a nice pair of "funky" women's overalls, a bellydancing video, two Claddaugh rings, one cryptic glass suncatcher and one mother/child fairy print.

Text says: Look inside for Dragons, Castles & Fairy Lore, Wicca, Celtic Jewelry, Goddess, Crystals and Much More!

Most popular items, based on the number of times they appear:

Fairies -- 27 products

Dragons -- 21 products

Celestial -- 14 products

Pentacles -- 12 products

Angels and Irish/Celtic/Gaelic - each 11 products

What's in and out?

Out or heading out: Feng shui, wolves, runes, Goth, gargoyles, Egyptian, Buddhism, medieval-style clothing, mermaids.

In: Fairies, angels, dragons, Celtic lite, Wicca/witchcraft, New Age empowerment items. Lots of blue stones and blue colors in jewelry and clothes.

Trends to watch:

Crafty Pagan (including Pagan cookbooks)
Non-religious New Age (more "empowerment", less spirituality)
"Occult" Witchcraft as opposed to Wicca

(I would note that these four groups suggest that there's a general trend towards being less abstractly "spiritual", and more "occult" or "hands on".)

Other trends to watch include,

Asian or East Asian but NOT feng shui or Buddhism
mystical geometry (representations of the elements in geometric form)
Adult novelties (these are big in occult stores of this region, very oriented towards the heterosexual female audience.)

Things from the catalog I covet irrationally include the Pixy Floormats and the Indigo Patchwork overalls.