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Life on beautiful Cape Cod.

Saturday, March 15, 2003

Home Improvement and Studying

That pretty much describes my day. I scraped down paint in the bathroom and decided I needed to buy more stuff before oping any further. Next will be a more aggressive abrasive, and after that will be working with spackle and drywall tape. If the walls look more or less happy after that, I'm going to prime, then paint. If all goes well, I might be priming next weekend.

Shit, but it takes forever and a day to clear up paint chips. I left white footprints when I walked out of the bathroom.

Then I studied closing entries for accounting class. The test is over a week from today. I can do this, really I can.

I'm drinking a hard-earned whiskey sour, and am toying with nagging the spousal unit to make me dinner. I feel like doing beadwork and watching Lord of the Rings again, so perhaps I will do that.