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Sunday, March 16, 2003

Trading Spaces

I must have been tired last night. I fell asleep, not once, but twice during the last fifteen minutes of Trading Spaces. (Episode was Scottsdale: Windrose Drive, designers were Doug and Frank).

Now that I'm watching it again, I think there was WAY too much time spent between Frank and one of the male homeowners learning how to sew. Bo-ring. Also, the homeowners are pleasant and likable, but the wacky hijinks seemed exceptionally forced this time around.

I might be easy to please, but I really liked both rooms. Frank's room looked a tad disjointed to me, but I assume that once they're actually living in the room, the Homeowners will tweak it and make changes.

I really liked the new task lighting in Doug's room, and the way the tulip paintings are now integrated with the overall look. Before, it looked to me like someone bought a nice piece of art and just stuck it someplace, now it's part of the room.

My big thumbs down are for,

The fake drama over the wall. C'mon, Paige confiding in Frank that Ty isn't taking her seriously? Please. Also, given that they make a big deal about the wall of separation between what's going on in the two houses, it didn't just seem fake, but also inappropriate.

The ENDLESS exchange between Frank and his male HO about sewing and stuffing cushions. That whole bit felt like it went on for hours, nay, centuries, and it's not like we haven't seen it before.

Wacky Ty hijinks. The guitar-playing, the pulling up of the pants, the football helmet, the hopping on top of the homeowners and Doug at the end.

(For the last one, I'm not adverse to a little implied visual slash, but at that point, it was like, okay, Ty's a wacky guy. WE ALL GET IT.)

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