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Friday, March 28, 2003

Yay! Got "A" on test

Perhaps I'm too old for this sort of thing, but not only am I happy about my grade, but it's also given me a much needed boost of self-confidence.

I have consistently had serious problems with coming up with plans (for example, studying Accounting) then getting bogged down in the actual work, and not being able to follow through. To the point where any time I have to rely on steady, consistent effort to achieve a certain goal, I experience real panic, and often do all sorts of things to sabotage myself, either consciously or unconsciously.

Actually needing to work on something with steady consistent effort and not botching it up has really made me very, very happy.

On a lighter note, I finally saw Frida last night and loved it!

Browsing around for Frida Kahlo information, I found the Frida Kahlo paperdolls and the World of Frida Kahlo.