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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Feeling better

Okay, I took my test and think I did okay on it. I can feel my back unknotting so strongly it hurts. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Inventor of Zoltan arcade machine dead at 82

I remember being in awe of these things, I can't believe the man who helped create them is dead. The full article is here. And, I can't believe the guy was right here in Massachusetts. Actually, I'm lying, I do believe it. Massachusetts is full of all sorts of weirdness, the guy who invented pink flamingos is here also.

Oh, for a picture of a Zoltan machine, go here or here.

Mad Projects

Every once in awhile my creativity runs amok, and I think up really odd projects.

I was reading my latest copy of Bell Armoire (which I haven't been overwhelmed by, but that's another story) and specifically reading through their article on decorating a pair of Doc Martins. I didn't really care for the particular set of Docs they pictured. Despite the description of the project involving rather a lot of effort, the overall effect was rather generic sparkle 'n stars. It made me think of a TV executive's idea of how a sweet teenage girl decorates her notebooks. A sweet teenage girl from the eighties. You can practically smell the Love's Baby Soft mingled with hair products. If I'm going to decorate my Docs, I don't want it to look like something a girl-next-door model wore in Seventeen Magazine in 1984.

One of the more bizarre mingled with cute art projects I've seen has to be the Tattoo Baby Dolls.

I find Sailor Feebee especially notable, I really like the way the artist went with the classic American sailor tattoos.Inspiration! I'll paint my Docs flesh color, and cover them with traditional sailor tattoos!

This led me to doing a lot of looking up and reading about Sailor Jerry, which was actually rather cool. After giving it some thought, I don't think I want to alter a perfect good pair of Docs (at least not unless I buy a new pair), but the idea of decorating something with Sailor Jerry tattos is really intriguing to me. I wonder how it would look if you embroidered the cuffs on a pair of jeans with the motifs? Perhaps a bit like this?

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