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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Bend it Like Beckham

I haven't been posting because my shoulder is really screwed up, and it seems related to using a mouse, so I'm trying to be good and not do web things. But, I wanted to say that I saw Bend it Like Beckham the other night at the Cape Cinema. What a fun movie! Really a good time, although I wonder if anyone but myself and the spousal unit got all the jokes.

I got curious and looked up some reviews, and was amazed by a) how popular it appears to have been in England, and b) how disliked it seems to have been by "elite" American reviewers. Best I can tell, you're not supposed to make a movie that addresses ethnic assimilation and sexism unless it's very boring to watch. Then it's okay. Screw that. I think fun movies that raise issues have their place.