Dolphin With Rabies

Life on beautiful Cape Cod.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Candle Baby Heads

These are disturbing. But I want one.

I'm still thinking about doing some sort of a project with Sailor Jerry tattoos, but having dones some reading, I now realize that Sailor Jerry has a sort of hipster appeal right now. I don't want to do a project and have everyone thinking that I'm doing it part of manufactered cool. Although a Sailor Jerry drinking horn has possibilities that must be contemplated.

Right now, I should really get back to finishing the bathroom. Or you know, starting the bathroom, seeing as it's still in that partially scraped paint stage.

I do have a cool idea for making a slipcover for the pillow in the office though...damn, what is it with me and my love of thinking up new projects and not finishing them? Did I mention I also really want to make the Get Crafty chai recipe this weekend?

Completely unrelated, the weather sucks. WHY IS IT SNOWING IN APRIL!? I'm telling you, don't come to Cape Cod for the weather.