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Monday, July 04, 2005

Our Very Queer Weekend

We have had the BEST weekend. Saturday, I took the Spousal Unit to see Melissa Ferrick at Vixen. This was mainly a treat for the Spousal Unit who is a big fan, but goddamit, Ferrick rocks. She is terrific and intense performer. And if you get a chance, you should see her and buy all of her albums and make her rich and well known.. Because she deserves to be rich and well known.

Sunday, a friend came for a visit and we wanted to show her the sights so where to go but back to P-Town? Actually, we had a plan. The plan was to see the All The King's Men at Chasers. I have never seen a Drag King show before in my life and had very low expectations, I figured it would be some lip-synching. They are incredible performers with fully choregraphed shows and I won't even try to describe them because that would spoil the magic, but if I were a crazy European monarch, I would undoubtedly become the Kings' patron. I'm not, so I'm just going to tell you that you should see All The King's Men and tell all your friends to see them too.

Also, an event of great importance has occurred in our household. The aforementioned friend who came for the visit came bearing gifts. Some of us may be old enough to remember a pre-DVD device known as the Laserdisc. It was superceded by other technology and never owned except by a few rich people and early adopters but among the offerings burned to Laserdisc was the original Star Wars trilogy. The movies in all their original glory before George Lucas got his creepy paws on them and started "improving" them.

Well, our friend acquired a copy of these movies, burned onto DVD so I have just spent a lovely late afternoon watching "Star Wars" as it was meant to be. Some of you will know this movie as "A New Hope", but originally it was "Star Wars". Perhaps during dinner we will watch "The Empire Strikes Back" as it was meant to be.