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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Tend To Your Knitting

I have been working up some of the curiously green yarn I purchased at the Dennis Wool Festival into socks. It's very bright and irregularly dyed and I've nicknamed it the Absinthe Yarn, which would make the socks made out of it the Absinthe Socks.

I'm at the nervous point where I'm not really sure I have enough yarn to finish them off, but we shall see.

I'm getting a lot of knitting books out of the library. I am especially impressed with one called Knit Socks!. I have not yet tried any of the patterns, but it has a lot of detail that would have been useful earlier in my sock making endeavors. Also, each pattern has detailed instructions for two variations, which is very nice.

The one drawback is that the book itself is shaped like a big sock and there's a reason books are generally shaped like books. It's hard to flip through and the size of the book means that even a simple sock pattern can take eight pages of directions. But overall, it's exactly what I would expect from Storey Books. Useful, earthy and a tiny bit whimsical.