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Life on beautiful Cape Cod.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003


I'm so upset. I think I killed the Verbascum "Jackie" Mullein that I just put in. I was flinging a heavy hose about and didn't look what I was doing, and the heavy hose caught the plant and the whole thing fell apart.

Rationally, it's not normal for a plant to do that (squash and be bruised yes, fall apart, no) so I think maybe there was a rot issue, especially since there were tons of potato bugs (they feed on decaying plant material). But still, I can't quite shake the feeling I murdered the poor thing.

Grumble. I noticed blackspot so I mixed up some Cornell formula. I really should have been spraying before now, but I was feeling lazy. Bad gardener! One more thing to feel guilty about in the garden, especially because I know the orange rose has real problems with it. At least I didn't SLAUGHTER IT WITH THE GARDEN HOSE.