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Sunday, June 08, 2003

The Vidocq Society

I was watching Cold Case Files, and learned about the Vidocq Society. Here's what their web page says,

"One of the world's more unusual crime-solving organizations meets on the top floor of the historic Public Ledger Building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In a famed walnut-paneled meeting room, members of The Vidocq Society honor Eugène François Vidocq, the brilliant 18th century French detective who founded the Sûreté, by applying their collective forensic skills and experience to "cold case" homicides and unsolved deaths. At Vidocq luncheons, Vidocq Society Members (V.S.M.'s) evaluate, investigate, and often solve the unsolved crimes that are brought to them. "

I think it's incredible that something like this exists outside of the pages of Sherlock Holmes.