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Monday, June 09, 2003

Fear and Loathing in the Workplace

Sometimes I'm convinced I'm a space alien. Usually when I'm dealing with my co-workers.

On any reasonable planet, shouldn't someone who regularly makes noises while eating be a bit of a social outcast? Or at least enough of one that I don't have to talk to them?

It's not just at lunch, because she eats all the time, so all day long, I get to hear slurping, smacking, crunching noises.

She's aware of it too. She told us about going out to dinner, including how it was so good that she spooned up sauce from the bottom of the plate. Vivid hand gestures and distinct slurping sounds were included in her account. Eesh.

What about someone else who badly needs an edit switch?

Gods help me, I learned that she was not familiar with the sixty-nine position until after her first marriage. That's "need to know" information that I didn't need to know.

I don't think I would mind so much except that I get the impression she thinks it was sort of a good thing. Yes, a good thing to not be familiar with the niceties of oral sex until you have a few kids under your belt. Yikes.

Who are these people and how did I end up working with them?

And, why does Ms. Hog Noises have to sit next to my desk?