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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Snark is Strong in Young Skywalker

The Cape is FULL of old people and old *acting* people. People who give the impression of being uninterested in anything beyond what happened thirty years ago and how life has really gone to heck since then. If you live here and this isn't how you are, you adopt a resigned tolerance because you're always going to be outnumbered.

Fresh-faced young cashier: "Hmmm...I don't know how much this...(turns around to the ancient crone of a cashier behind her)...Hey, do you know how much this is?"

Ancient Crone Cashier: "Hmmph". (pause) "I remember when I first started here, it was eighty cents."

FFYC: "Would you like me to go look?"

ACC: "Yup, when I first started here it was eighty cents..."

FFYC: "Ah...$1.25."

ACC: "Yup, when I first started here it was eighty cents and..."

FFYC: "I'm surprised you're not telling us how it was eighty cents and you used to have to walk uphill both ways in the snow to buy it."

Bwah! Did she just say that aloud? Okay, that was a little mean, but pretty funny.

The Ancient Crone Cashier looks puzzled for a second.

Ancient Crone Cashier: "No, we didn't have to walk uphill both ways to buy anything....but I remember going to school and we had to walk uphill TWICE a day because we had lunch at home. So we'd leave and come back and in hard weather..."

I take it back, not so mean after all. Fresh-faced Young Cashier is a saint.