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Monday, February 14, 2005

Watch This Space

We had the Stand Up for Choice event yesterday and I am pleased to note that it seemed to go really, really well. If there were any serious hiccups I certainly didn't see them and there were tons of people and they seemed to have a good time. Yay.

Trouble is, yesterday I was feeling...introverted. I didn't want to go anywhere or or do anything. And then I went to a social event with lots of people and noise and activity. All the introverts in the audience will know that there's nothing worse. I couldn't seem to find my groove and I spent the whole time feeling self-conscious and today I'm feeling gloomy and tired.

It did give me an idea for a project though. I'm still forming this in my mind, but I want to put together some kind of "pro choice primer" for Massachusetts. Some place where you could quickly get information on various topics.

A lot of people are involved in political or pseudo-political activity (like pro choice work) and they have only the vaguest idea of the real politics behind it all. Who their reps are, what the laws actually are.

I'm as guilty as this as anyone else. And people with progressive politics don't have that luxery these days. So...I'm going to do my bit to try and address it.

Edited to add:

I have SHAMEFULLY let my creative work go the past few weeks. Partly planning for this event, partly work, partly it's depressive February. I've got to tend to my knitting (and my beadwork, and my plans to paint the house and so on).