Dolphin With Rabies

Life on beautiful Cape Cod.

Sunday, February 23, 2003

Sea creatures and snakes.

What could be finer than going to see moon jellyfish at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History? That's what the spousal unit and I did on Saturday.
Much to our surprise (and relief) the place was not packed to the gills. I think it has to do with it being the end of school vacation week, parents have had all the quality time they can take with their kids, and are ready to tell them to go out and play in traffic.

The very nice volunteer took the milk snake out of the display cage for us and let us handle it. Wow! Beautiful little snake, and very friendly. A tiny, obviously awed child got to handle it too, the snake loved her fleece jacket and kept trying to settle on it.

The volunteer said that milk snakes are all over the place, you just don't see them because they're so shy. I'm going to start looking more closely as I go hiking...

Borders get-together

Other news included getting together at Borders for a CapeMops event on Sunday afternoon. Not much to mention, we did the usual sit around and talk. Borders was very crowded, mysteriously so. People seem to now be using it as a real "coffee shop" sort of hangout which I was glad to see. I even saw two people playing chess at one of the tables. If we must have chain stores, we could do much worse.